Multiple Methods of Learning

A picture of a Tangle Toy, a hard plastic rope made out of curved pieces that connect to each other. It often starts off tangled like a knot, but by gently pulling apart the shape, it can be made into a wiggly loop

Math can be hard, but we'll untangle the problems together

Many students around the world struggle with Math. When they get frustrated and start telling themselves they can't do it, it stops their mind from being able to think of new and different ways of solving the problem. I love helping them build the skill set, patience, and determination to solve their problems in the way that works best for them.

Better than Fingers

Believe it or not, we don't multitask well. When your child needs to count, if they use their fingers, they have to break their concentration by setting down their pencil, then using their fingers to do their math. By the time they're trying to count, many children lose their focus. By engaging in Touch Math

Touch Math Numbers

Apps that boost learning

Technology can be a wonderful tool at your child's disposal. Their whole lives will most likely revolve around the use of technology every day, so instead of just letting them browse YouTube and play candy crush, why not get them using games that teach them useful skills.

 touch math apps for mobile phones and tablets

Basic Arithmetic

Math Facts

We often start with the basics. Many kids need to develop a strong foundation in the basics of addition, subtraction, computation, mulitplication, or long division. By reviewing these subjects and helping your child create this strong foundation, they'll be able to solve more and more complex problems and achieve success in school.

Problem Solving

Skill Building

The ability to understand complex problems, everything from a three part equation to running a buisiness, begins by developing the skill of problem solving. I'll work with your child to help them learn how to always read the problem in front of them, learn how to break it down, and create an action plan to solve it.

Advanced Math


I work exclusively with elementary students, many of whom are already tackling algebra and geometry. As they take on these new challenges, I'll help them understand the material and prepare them for their upcoming tests.


Pricing Packages

Standard Sessions

We'll start off with a session to get to know each other and see if we're a good fit. After that, we'll begin working together on a weekly basis to improve your child's skill level and confidence.

$ 75 /hour

  • First Session Free.
  • I'll come to you.
  • Focus on improving your child's math competence and their general confidence.
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Come to Castle Rock

If you are willing to commute to Castle Rock or you live within 10 miles, we can meet at your home or at the P.S. Miller Library. After the first session, we'll begin working together to help your child feel more empowered and in control of their math skills.

$ 50 /hour

  • First Session Free.
  • Tutoring near you.
  • Focus on preparing your child to succeed and feel confident.
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Barb Rohrer

My Goal

My goal is to ensure that each person with whom I interact is able to fulfill his or her potential. With the students I tutor, I empower them to untangle misunderstandings, allowing them to be confident mathematicians, arithmeticians, critical thinkers, and complex problem-solvers.

If a student is struggling, it’s my responsibility to determine the cause of the confusion and help them fix it.

My Philosophy

I retired from teaching in 2009, but teaching is an integral part of me, and one doesn’t let go of their identity easily. My educational passion is math, and I believe that with understanding comes success. In working with students in the past four years, I’ve noticed that many of them are confused by the abstract concepts of regrouping and algebra. As a tutor, I can work with them one-on-one with concrete manipulatives, until they understand the purpose behind the algorithms they’ve been using. I also have the benefit of being able to assess as I interact, thus having many opportunities to diagnose issues and identify confusions the students may have.

Barb Rohrer tutoring a young student

In-Home Tutoring

I want everyone with whom I work to embrace the belief that they CAN do math. I also want them to realize that when they became tangled up in some confusion regarding math, we’ll be working together to get any confusion and roadblocks untangled.

This is why I give every student a tangler toy. It helps to see that what we think is an unsolvable problem, can always be worked out.

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